Three Festive Christmas Punches

Three Festive Christmas Punches

So you're hosting a Christmas party? Good for you! Sure, there's some pressure involved. Who is going to show? What if there's not enough food? What music does everyone like (everyone likes Christmas music, right?)

To take the pressure off, I’ve put together a couple of people-pleasing punches to help keep the nerves at bay and time on your side.

There’s something truly fabulous about sharing a drink. Proudly standing around that retro punch bowl you found at Savers, serving up that seemingly endless supply of goodness, and watching everyone get just a little bit giddy.

But the best part is that it’s a simple plug-and-play. There’s no messing around with individual glassware or constantly measuring out new drinks. Once you make a punch, all you need to do is keep it cold.

Bada-bing bada-boom - you’re done.

Mint Punch (serves 10-12)

This one is perfect for a hot December day with friends. It’s like a Mint Julep on steroids! If you have the time, leave the mint to infuse in the sugar syrup for a couple of hours before making the punch. That way, when you add it to the mixture, the flavour will spread throughout the drink more evenly.


  • 700ml bourbon
  • 350ml lime juice
  • 265ml mint syrup (see below)
  • 500ml soda
  • Absinthe to taste
  • Fresh mint and lime slices to garnish

For the mint syrup:

  • Handful of mint leaves
  • 265ml sugar syrup


    Add all of the ingredients, except the absinthe to a punchbowl with large blocks of ice. Stir before adding a touch of absinthe to taste - not enough to overpower the other flavours, but just enough for a little refreshing spice.

    Fruit Cup Punch (serves 10-12)

    If it looks like Christmas and it tastes like Christmas, it probably is Christmas. Here’s my recipe for the perfect home-made Pimm’s - light, not too boozy and full of summer-y seasonal fruit.


    • 175ml gin
    • 175ml Cocchi sweet vermouth
    • 90ml Grand Marnier
    • 60ml Cherry Heering
    • Sliced oranges, lemons, limes, mint, cucumber and seasonal berries
    • 700ml - 1L lemonade, soda or ginger beer


      Add gin, vermouth, Grand Marnier and cherry liqueur to a punchbowl with large blocks of ice. Go wild with a generous amount of sliced citrus, mint, cucumber and blueberries/raspberries/strawberries or all of the above. Top it up with lemonade, soda or ginger beer as you see fit.

      English Milk Punch (serves 10-12)

      Our anti-eggnog, the English Milk Punch gives you those classic Christmas flavours in a more Southern-Hemisphere friendly manner.

      A punch combined with a science experiment, you will curdle the milk (yes, curdle) with citrus and through some festive elf magic, the liquid will become clear, boozy and delicious.


      • 280ml Lemon Juice
      • 280ml Simple Syrup
      • 560ml Fresh Pineapple Juice
      • 300ml London Dry Gin
      • 300ml Dark Rum
      • 150ml Cognac
      • 560ml Strong Green Tea
      • 750ml Full Cream Milk (un homogenised is best)

      Spice mix:

      • 12 Cloves
      • 40 Coriander seeds
      • 2 sticks of cinnamon 

      In a pan, lightly toast the spice mix until fragrant. Let cool and then lightly crush in a mortar and pestle.

      Measure the first six ingredients together into a large mixing jug and add the toasted spices to the mixture. Brew the tea, strain and add to the mixture whilst still hot. Slowly add the COLD full cream milk to the other ingredients and allow the mixture to curdle.

      Once split, filter through cheesecloth or a coffee filter. Initially you may need to continue to pass the liquid several times back through itself until it starts to run clear, this will mean that the curds that have spilt from the milk have started to act as an even finer filter straining almost all of the colour from the liquid.

      Once strained, pour into your punch bowl and refrigerate before serving. Serve over ice.

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