Meet Our Co-Founder, Michael Madrusan

Michael Madrusan Everleigh Bottling Co

This week, we talk to our co-founder, Michael Madrusan, a trailblazer in the world of cocktails and all things hospitality.

With the beverage industry constantly evolving, we discuss the key trends shaping the industry in 2024, anticipate the cocktails gaining popularity, and explore The Everleigh Bottling Co.’s commitment to quality and innovation.


What do you foresee as the key trends shaping the bottled cocktail industry in 2024?


Absolutely low and no abv. More people are wanting a balanced lifestyle and there is a demand for high quality, complex cocktails without the alcohol.

Quality and consistency is key. I always said, if i couldn’t do it perfectly, I wouldn’t do it. I think the influx in products will start to separate the good from the bad. 


The Everleigh Bottling Co. was already ahead of the game in offering sophisticated non-alcoholic beverages.  Can you tell us more about the Sparkling Non-alcoholic range?


Two words, game changer. 

The Everleigh Bottling Co. is proud to produce one of the finest, most complex non-alcoholic cocktail ranges in the world. Whilst there is a plethora of non-alcoholic and soft drinks out there, few have been able to master balance and complexity in the non-alc cocktail space. We are incredibly proud of each of the products in this range, and have more we’re working on in the lab that we can’t wait to bring to market.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail 

Are there specific flavours or cocktail profiles that you anticipate gaining popularity in 2024?


Modern Classics like the Margarita are popping up in shops everywhere. The only issue is who to trust with a good recipe and stable ingredients. Whilst many suppliers have opted to produce a variation on the classic Margarita, with passionfruit or watermelon, we think there’s room to see the traditional classics done expertly.


How has the hospitality industry evolved, and what impact has it had on the bottled cocktail market over the past few years? 


The bottled cocktail market has had a bumpy ride out of Covid. The hospitality industry is still cleaning up the mess of a year in lockdown. Everything has changed. Human behaviour and drinking/dining habits have changed. At first the industry just flicked the lights to get the machine running, but in between services, we are still reflecting and tried to learn about todays guest. 

Bottled cocktails, too. We started as a side hustle, a way of being able to connect with our guests when they weren’t in the venue. Classic food and beverage outlets like hotels started to lift their game with in room amenities and we saw great traction there.  Covid gave air time to the category and people were able to purchase great drinks and still support their favourite venues.  Post Covid looked a little like ‘I am Legend’ for bottled cocktails. Literally, bottled drinks everywhere and too many poor quality products. Personally, we had ramped up our facilities to meet the needs of our customers during lockdown, then were no longer desired with the return to venues. The Everleigh Bottling Co. spent much of 22/23 figuring out its place in the world. The category has grown worldwide which is really fascinating and very comforting. Ready to drink has a new off-shoot - ‘premium ready to serve’.


Many people are choosing to support local brands that are more sustainable. What initiatives is The Everleigh Bottling Co considering to minimise its environmental footprint in 2024?


Great question, in the wake of covid lockdowns, there is a lot to answer for in regards to packaging. Our new lines are dedicated to minimising waste and using far more sustainable products. Fully recyclable packaging is already in the works for our two new ranges.


As someone deeply involved in the beverage industry, what advice would you offer to individuals looking to explore and appreciate the world of cocktails, whether as enthusiasts or industry professionals?


It is a big world out there, with so many great drinks. Find a style you enjoy, and explore it. If you like Martinis, try and discover different variations. The Martini is just the beginning of its yellow brick road!


Everleigh Bottling Co Bottled Cocktails


With many consumers choosing to consume less but better quality drinks, consumers are seeking superior quality, unique experiences and limited editions as a point of difference.  Can you share what The Everleigh Bottling Co is doing/planning in this space?


Our subscription model is an exciting space to play in here. It gives us the opportunity to introduce new cocktails to consumers and enthusiasts.

Bringing the world a little closer with Signature Series batches showcasing industry professionals from around the world. 


Last one! Could you share any additional insights into The Everleigh Bottling Co's vision for the future - any innovations we can expect in the years to come?


New ranges and new formats are in the works. One range isn’t designed for all people. There are a lot of exciting ways to drink better and we plan on bringing that to light.

The Everleigh Bottling Co. is a drinks company built on quality and trust. We have a responsibility to pay attention to the consumer and their interests and this is something we will remain dedicated to - we watch what you’re drinking in the bar and we work fast to make the best quality, expertly balanced bottled version there is. There are many world class cocktails to come!