Travel to the “crazy years” of Paris with this perfume-inspired cocktail

Travel to the “crazy years” of Paris with this perfume-inspired cocktail

The Everleigh Bottling Co. joins forces with Fitzroy-based perfumers, flâner fragrances to create a unique, limited edition cocktail.

In the realm of fragrance and cocktails, parallels abound beyond the mere connection between scent and taste. Perfumers and bartenders alike often employ similar ingredients, leveraging their expertise to blend these elements into a harmonious whole. Both crafts also follow a comparable development process, meticulously crafting compositions with top, middle, and base notes.

At its core, both perfumery and cocktails are art forms, capable of evoking immersive sensory experiences.

Collaborating closely, The Everleigh Bottling Co. and the flâner team have created a cocktail inspired by flâner's eau de parfum Vive La Fleur. This fragrance encapsulates the spirit of Parisian Springtime in the 1920s, boasting notes of white apricot, jasmine, magnolia, musk, and amber. Dubbed "Anees Folles" or "the crazy years," this era was characterised by revelry, excess, burgeoning art, and style, cementing Paris as the epitome of beauty.

Rather than mimicking the fragrance or its notes, The Everleigh Bottling Co.'s Product Development Manager, Paul Hammond, took a creative approach. Focusing on the Left Bank of Paris in the 1920s and its embodiment of everyday indulgence, Hammond created a cocktail that embodies the era's extravagance and playfulness. The Left Bank cocktail features vibrant dry gin complemented by biting pink grapefruit and zesty lemon, underscored by fresh floral notes of dry cherry and white peach, all delicately laced with a hint of absinthe. Perfect for whiled-away afternoons lost in thought.



Available in four formats – Single Serve, 500ml, and as gift sets Two Of A Kind and One To Share.

To enhance the sensorial experience, each order has the option to pair the cocktail with either a 1.5ml sample, 50ml bottle, or the full flâner fragrances discovery set.

With Mother’s Day looming on the horizon, this could be the perfect gift for the special Mum in your life.