Easter celebrations with Velvet Noir

Easter celebrations with Velvet Noir

Planning an Easter gathering with loved ones? Embrace the festive spirit with the indulgence of decadent dark chocolate and the launch of our newest cocktail, Velvet Noir.

Designed to elevate your Easter experience, Velvet Noir offers a rich blend of flavours. From the smooth allure of dark chocolate to the warmth of black cherry and baking spices, each sip unfolds with notes of plum, bitter orange, and subtle cola spice. The finish is refreshingly clean, accentuated by hints of ripe grapefruit, mint, and chamomile.

To enjoy Velvet Noir, simply pour over ice into a rocks glass and garnish with a lemon twist. For optimal enjoyment, chill in the freezer for 15 minutes before serving.

Made with a carefully selected blend of ingredients including Punt 'E' Mes, Carpano Dry Vermouth, dark chocolate, mint, bitters, and filtered water, Velvet Noir is a true labour of love. Each component contributes to the cocktail's luxurious taste and texture, ensuring a delightful drinking experience every time.

At The Everleigh Bottling Co., quality is paramount. Every cocktail is handcrafted in Melbourne with meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to excellence. It's this commitment that has earned The Everleigh Bottling Co. its reputation as a leader in the world of bottled cocktails.

If you are after luxurious dark chocolate to compliment, we recommend Monsieur Truffe Dark 72% Dominican Republic. Made with single origin cocoa beans sourced from the Dominican Republic, this 72% dark chocolate boasts an earthy richness and smoothness. 

So, as you gather with loved ones to celebrate Easter, indulge in the refined flavours of Velvet Noir and savour the moment.

Available in Single Serve, 500mL and Gift Sets, One To Share and Two of a Kind.

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