Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Navigating the challenge of finding the perfect gift for that picky friend or family member can be a daunting task. We hold a selection of generous gifts designed to appeal to even the most particular recipients. Whether you're searching for a sophisticated gift for a seasoned connoisseur or a delightful surprise for someone exploring the world of cocktails, The Everleigh Bottling Co.'s offerings cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

At Everleigh Bottling Co., our commitment to quality and standards is evident in each curated gift. From expertly made 500mL bottles, to thoughtfully assembled gift sets, our gifts reflect a dedication to providing discerning drinkers with an exceptional and memorable experience.

Explore our range to discover the perfect gift that seamlessly combines elegance, flavour, and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

 Famous Four Gift Set Cocktail

The Famous Four Set

Discover the allure of The Famous Four Set, where simplicity meets sophistication. Whether you're in the mood for an aperitif to kick off an evening or a nightcap to unwind, The Famous Four Set ensures a comprehensive selection to suit any occasion. 

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Two of a Kind Gift Set

Two of a Kind

Select two single-serve classic bottled cocktails, matched with corresponding glassware, all elegantly packaged in a sophisticated box. 

Experience the epitome of sophistication with our coupe glass. This stemmed cocktail glass is perfectly sized to accommodate the single serve bottled cocktail, adding an extra layer of elegance to your drinking experience.

Our crystal rocks glasses accompany the Old fashioned, Negroni and Coffee House Cocktails. These glasses are designed to elevate the enjoyment of our bottled cocktails over ice, ensuring you savour every nuanced flavour at its finest.

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Christmas Gift Giving

500mL Classic Cocktails

A classic cocktail embodies a refined beverage, characterised by its simplicity in both style and structure. Cocktails of this calibre boast a confident and robust profile in both flavour and presentation. The elegance of these classics is emphasised in the use of premium ingredients. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the meticulous manufacturing, ensuring they adhere to the highest standards of quality.

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A Spot At The Bar

A Spot At The Bar - An essential handbook for any hosting enthusiast. 

A journey into the world of cocktails written by Michael and Zara Madrusan from the internationally acclaimed Everleigh Bar. Revel in the allure of the golden era of drinking and entertaining, from the mesmerising aperitif to a well-deserved nightcap in the early hours. 

A Spot at the Bar, is a comprehensive cocktail book featuring over three hundred recipes spanning both cherished classics and forgotten gems.

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