A Festive Gift Guide

A Festive Gift Guide

For the trendsetter

They appreciate good art, good food and great conversation.

Treat them to a Famous Four set in exquisite limited edition packaging designed by local artist Belinda Aucott, and a set of matching glassware.

They can sample four of the most exquisite cocktails ever made and add to their already impressive glassware collection.


For the friend who always hosts:

Make the next dinner party easy for the host and pre-arrange the aperitif on arrival with a serve-to-share bottle!

All they'll need to do is chill, pour and garnish, giving them more time to focus on hosting.


For the mother who deserves something special:

This is a tougher one to nail, but we recommend you go either on of two routes...

If she's a fan of a stiff drink at 5pm, look no further than a Martini Two of a Kind. Everyone wants to be known as a martini-drinker - confident, sophisticated and perhaps just a little bit intimidating.

For the discerning father:

Considered the "gentleman's drink", treat dad to a One-to-Share of Old Fashioned, with matching glassware, will ensure dad can create a weekly nightcap ritual for himself - his own version of self-care and meditation.

The Old Fashioned is the perfect nightcap to be served with peace, quiet and little to no interruption. Is there any greater gift than that?

For the general cocktail lover

This one can be very tricky, what do you get someone who appears to know everything about cocktails. Well, if they've been good this year, then a sixth month subscription to The Bartender's Choice is an incredible option. 

This subscription provides a 500ml cocktail every month, this can be a seasonal drink, something exclusive or a rare and unique bottling. For me this is the ideal gift, and provides continued excitement and wonder!

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