Founded by hospitality stalwarts Michael and Zara Madrusan, The Everleigh Bottling Co. is part of Melbourne's Made in the Shade group which includes The Everleigh, Heartbreaker, Bar Margaux, Connie's Italian Diner and Navy Strength Ice Co. 

 The Everleigh Bottling Co. takes world-class cocktails from bar to bottle. Manufactured to the most exacting standards in Melbourne. The Everleigh Bottling Co. captures the old-world elegance and fancy-free frivolity of classic cocktail culture with collections suited to each fine drinking occasion. 

Anywhere, anytime, every time. Simply pour, garnish and have it made.

Everleigh Bottling Co bottled cocktail Negroni

 Inheriting our name, recipes and ethos from internationally-renowned cocktail bar, The Everleigh in Melbourne, every cocktail is hand-made and bottled with the same spirits and distinctive attention to detail which settled her a reputation as one of the best bars in the world.

Setting the bar for fine drinking in Australia since 2011 and pioneering bottled cocktails since 2015, The Everleigh Bottling Co. can be found in major and independent retailers, boutique and five-star hotels, arts venues, airport lounges, on tap at large-scales arenas and in the home bars of the most discerning drinkers across the country.