The most important part of your cocktail: Ice

The most important part of your cocktail: Ice

Ice is broadly acknowledged as one of the most important ingredients in mixed drinks, yet somehow this component still seems to get overlooked.

Ice is so important, because it is the only cocktail ingredient with a specific job to do. While it's primary function is to chill the drink, it is also crucial for adding dilution, and this dilution is difficult to control. For example, when using small pieces of inferior ice in drinks such as a Negroni or an Old Fashioned, the ice will begin to melt before the drink has even left the bar.

Ice is a fickle mistress with a number of variables. For this reason, we've included a quick care and handling guide, courtesy of the team at Navy Strength Ice, to help you get the best out of your blocks and your drinks!


  1. Ice is a food product. Only touch it with clean hands.
  2. Ice has the ability to both absorb and release aroma and flavour. If you're planning to store your ice in a freezer with other food items, ensure that your ice is kept in sealed bags or containers.
  3. Store your ice in a temperature-controlled freezer at all times in order to maintain its shape and clarity and to prevent melting and bonding.
  4. Before handling, ensure that your ice is not too cold - it will crack easily when handled. To avoid this, remove your ice from the freezer a little in advance.
  5. Upon serving, be sure to coat your ice block with liquid to remove the frost.

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