Top tips for surviving FebFast

Top tips for surviving FebFast

Giving up alcohol for FebFast is not only admirable, but you'll soon find yourself with a little more quality time on your hands, and more money to enjoy it with.

But what to do with that extra time when you're trying to avoid the drink?

Here's some of our top tips for surviving FebFast.


Reframe your weekend catch-ups. If your weekends usually revolve around a shared bottle of wine or a few Friday night cocktails, rather than trying to abstain in these tricky situations, we recommend finding some alcohol-free alternatives. Meet for brunch, try an adventure-filled hike, or head to the gallery!


Cook with wine. Sure, this is a little bit cheeky but is a great way to use up of any leftover wine that may be tempting you in the fridge. Don't worry - the alcohol burns off when you cook it, so you won't be breaking any rules. So don't be shy, sauté that fish in some riesling and enjoy the flavour without the regret.


Finally try some non-alcoholic drinks. Give your Soda Stream a rest and explore the vast world of non-alcoholic drinks. Some of our favourite non-alcoholic options include Heaps Normal for when you're craving a full-flavoured beer, NON Wine for all those February dinner parties you already committed to, and of course, our very own non-alcoholic Bellini and Guava Margarita.


Don’t stop if you slip up. Don't be so hard on yourself! It's only natural to have a slip-up or two but that doesn't mean you have to give up entirely. We suggest taking a look at how and why the slip-up occurred - perhaps you had a hard day at work or a friend poured you a glass without thinking. From here, you can understand how to prevent it in the future and then forgive yourself.

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