The Art of Hosting a Christmas party

The Art of Hosting a Christmas party

Written by Zara Madrusan —

So you're hosting a Christmas party? How wonderful! Sure, there's some pressure involved. Who is going to show? What if there's not enough food? What music does everyone like (everyone likes Christmas music, right?) But with a little planning and preparation it is possible to pull this off seamlessly - and enjoy Christmas too.
Hosting any event, let alone a Christmas party, can be a scary experience. The host of a party is often the entertainer, server, chef and organiser all at once. Balancing all those duties requires dedication and care.
While it is undoubtedly a tricky task, it is possible to host a Christmas party and enjoy it yourself! This is the art of hosting.

How much for how many?
With an average number of attendees in ming, you can calculate how many bottles of booze it'll take to keep everyone topped up throughout the evening. A 700ml bottle of spirits will cater to approximately 11 cocktails.

Depending what other beverages are on offer, it's wise to prepare for at least three cocktails per person.


A TIP FROM US: To keep things simple and save you on time, try a bottle of our classic cocktails to share, like the Manhattan, and instantly serve up five cocktails. Or our sparkling range for the hotter days, simply ice and garnish, or enjoy them straight out of the bottle. 


Setting the tone

In preparation for hosting it is always wise to consider what you'd like your guests to learn about you and what might best be kept private.

  • Check the fridge for any embarrassing appointment reminders
  • Hide that awkward gag gift you got from your Secret Santa
  • Ensure your dirty clothes are hidden away in the laundry instead of scattered on the bathroom floor.


Social Etiquette

Believe it or not, etiquette flows both ways. Whilst your guests should arrive at a reasonable time (we allow for a 30 minute grace period from the suggested arrival time), you as the host are also responsible for a level of grace and decorum.

  • Prepare to conduct guests introductions where necessary by brushing up on the names of partners, workplaces, kids and more
  • Stalk social media for information but remember to act surprised!
  • There is no excuse to answer the door in your robe. Ensure you are dressed and the house is cleaned well-before the first guest has arrived

Remember to enjoy yourself and that your guests are thankful to have you as a host.


Excerpts taken from A Spot at the Bar.

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