Seven types of cocktail glasses you need at home

Seven types of cocktail glasses you need at home

Written by Zara Madrusan — 


You don't need all the bells and whistles to make perfect drinks. Function and practicality are paramount to the way we do things at The Everleigh and in turn, these glasses have stood the test of time to become essential to any good home bar.

Beer / pilsner glass Whatever your preference - just make sure they fit the whole beer, which will be approximately 360ml. Keep this one chilled in the fridge.

Cocktail glass (aka Champagne saucer, coupe or coupette) We really love and use a Nick & Nora glass. This is a glass with a tall stem and small, round chalice, so very classy. All cocktail glasses must be kept frozen.

Collins / highball glass For all your tall and refreshing drinks. We recommend a 360ml glass, kept frozen.

Julep Cup Silver or pewter ones are great, especially when they get a patina. Don't polish them! They look great with a little wear and tear. If you don't have one, a rocks glass will do just fine.

Rocks glass We use a beautiful 270ml crystal rocks glass from the Czech Republic. Go on, splash out on this glass. It's for your Negronis and Old Fashioneds. Store at room temperature.

Sazerac Glass How good must a drink be to have it's own glass? We use the prettiest small liqueur glasses we can find - approx. 120 ml. Store at room temperature but fill with crushed ice before serving.

Shot Oh yes, please. Thought you'd never ask.
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