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Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Left Bank Bottled Cocktail
grapefruit, dry cherry, anise
Left Bank Bottled Cocktail - 500ml
grapefruit, dry cherry, anise
One To Share - Limited Release Left Bank
collaboration with flâner fragrances
Two of a Kind - Left Bank
collaboration with flâner fragrances
Bartender's Choice Membership
exclusive 500ml cocktails
Negroni Quartet
4 single serve cocktails
Two of a Kind
Single Serve cocktails with glassware
The Famous Four Set
4 single serve cocktails
One To Share
500ml cocktail with glassware
Martini Quartet
4 single serve cocktails

Discover the perfect Mother's Day gift ideas to delight your mum and celebrate her special day. From luxurious cocktails to perfumes and gift sets, our curated collection has everything you need to show your appreciation. Choose the Left Bank cocktail, available either on its own or as part of a gift set. Additionally, explore the exquisite Vive la Fleur perfume by Fitzroy-based "urban perfumers" flâner fragrances.
Create a memorable experience with our handcrafted cocktails from the Bartenders Choice subscription. Each month, she'll receive a 500mL unique twist on her favourite classics.
Explore our range of thoughtfully curated gift sets, guaranteed to make her feel cherished and loved.