Celebrating International Margarita Day

Celebrating International Margarita Day

The classic, the original, the best.

International Margarita Day is celebrated every year on February 22 and why not? This highly quaffable beverage deserves it's own time in the sun.

The Margarita - classically made with Tequila, lime juice and Triple Sec has long been one of the world's most favourite cocktails. In fact, globally, it is the most ordered cocktail.

So where did it come from and why do we celebrate it?



The origins of the Margarita are murky, with more than half a dozen individuals claiming to have been the brains behind it.

The very first documented combination of Tequila, lime juice and Cointreau ( the typical brand of Triple Sec used in the drink) was in 1937 in London of all places. A fellow named William J. Tarling of Café Royal included it in the venue's recipe book under the name Picador.

The first use of the term "Margarita" to describe the drink came in September of 1953, when a recipe appeared in a Californian newspaper column by a journalist who had encountered the drink in Enseneda, Mexico  - salt rim and all!


In 1956, thanks to an aggressive advertising campaign from Jose Cuervo, the Margarita quickly established itself as the tequila drink and by the 60s, Mexican restaurants were popularised across the US.

By the 1970s, the frozen Margarita started appearing across the world and flavour variations such as strawberry, raspberry and watermelon all gained popularity.

Tommy's Margarita

In 1990, Julio Bermejo, of Tommy's Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco, introduced a brand new style of Margarita - always served on the rocks and replacing the Cointreau with Agave syrup.


No matter how you have it, there's always a perfect time and place for the Margarita. It's always 5 o'clock somewhere, right?

In the mood? Try our non-alcoholic Guava Margarita or the adjacent Palomita.



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