Antique Collection

Antique Collection

The Everleigh Bottling Co.

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Journey back in time with The Everleigh Bottling Co. Antique Collection - a unique collection of classic cocktails showcasing antique spirits bottled between 1950 and 1980.

    Before the advent of modern mass-distilling practices, this era is marked out by a dedication to closely-guarded botanical recipes and quality ingredients, giving each spirit a distinct flavour profile to its modern counterpart.

    This one of a kind antique collection is a limited edition range of only two hundred sets, exclusively bottled by The Everleigh Bottling Co. Taste your way through cocktail history, and with each sip, allow yourself to be transported to another time and place. 

    1950s Martini

    The ‘three-Martini lunch’, coined and celebrated by the office executives of the 1950s was described by US President Gerald Ford as “the epitome of American efficiency”. Gin was decidedly still the spirit of choice and discerning drinkers were divided by their garnish preference of a green olive, pickled onion or twist of lemon peel. What better way to showcase an excellent antique edition of Gordon’s London Dry than in this timeless classic?

    About 1950s Gordon’s

    Whilst the botanical recipe of Gordon’s remains unchanged since the late 1700s, the provenance of the ingredients being used and the original copper stills have changed dramatically over the years, lending the 1950s Martini a remarkable minerality and clarity of flavour not found in even the best modern gins. 

    One perfect serve: 1950s Gordon’s gin, Dolin dry vermouth, orange bitters & filtered water.

    Standard drinks 1.8 | 24% ALC | VOL. 90ml

    1960s Vesper

    Indulge in the iconic Bond Martini exactly as Ian Fleming did at his regular haunt, the Dukes Hotel, London. To this day, the Vesper is one of the only stirred sippers to showcase both vodka and gin side by side. This antique aperitif combines 1960s editions of both Gordon’s London Dry gin and Smirnoff vodka, just how James would have liked it.

     About 1960s Smirnoff

    This unapologetically bold Russian spirit was originally created in Russia in the late 1800s. The brand found a new home in the USA in the 1930s and boomed in the 60s, becoming iconic of postwar youth’s distancing themselves from the old world and embracing the new.

    About 1960s Gordon’s

    This is a gin from a time when ‘London Dry’ meant it was made in the heart of London. At 47% ABV, it is bright and peppery, with a crisp steeliness that lends itself to a Vesper like no other.

     One perfect serve: 1960s Gordon’s gin, 1960s Smirnoff vodka, Cocchi Americano & filtered water.

    Standard drinks 1.8 | 26% ALC | VOL. 90ml

    1970s Negroni

    The Negroni first made a stir in Italy back in 1919 and is now internationally recognised as the ultimate pre-dinner cocktail. This 1970s edition of Campari follows the original recipe featuring carmine dye that has since been replaced in favour of artificial colouring. Thanks to the increased ABV of 46% in this vintage Plymouth gin, our antique aperitif is bold both in colour and flavour.

     About 1970s Campari

    The intense bitterness of the Campari has mellowed after decades in the bottle, giving way to a remarkable depth and richness, showcasing a completely different side of the famous bitter liqueur. 

    About 1970s Plymouth

    The same no-nonsense earthiness which we love in modern Plymouth, with added heft from an increased ABV and more prominent juniper and citrus character to stand up against the vermouth and Campari.

    One perfect serve: 1970s Plymouth gin, 1970s Campari, Cocchi sweet vermouth & filtered water.

    Standard drinks 1.6 | 23% ALC | VOL. 85ml

    1980s Bobby Burns

    Dubbed by the legendary Harry Craddock of the Savoy Hotel as ‘one of the very best whisky cocktails’ the Bobby Burns is a rich and decadent variation on the classic Scotch Manhattan, the Rob Roy. Featuring Aberlour, a smooth 12 year old single malt Speyside whisky from the 1980s coupled with antique D.O.M. Bénédictine, this cocktail is bold and complex yet rounded and every bit refined.

    About 1980s Aberlour

    Aged 12 years in a mixture of bourbon and sherry casks of a calibre no longer available. Deep spice aromas of century-old oak coupled with the honeyed sweetness of hand-distilled scotch.

    One perfect serve: 1980s Aberlour 12 year scotch, 1980s DOM Benedictine, Cocchi sweet vermouth, & filtered water. Refrigerate after opening & consume within three days.





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