The Ultimate Campari & Soda Pack

The Everleigh Bottling Co.

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The Everleigh Bottling Co has teamed up with the Melbourne International Film Festival and our friends at CAPI and Campari to bring you the ultimate film festival at home drinking experience.

Enjoy MIFF 68½ from the comfort of your couch, with a selection of cocktails and drinks to bring your film night to life.


Keeping it simple for your weekend film viewing? Enjoy a bottle of Campari and two 4-packs of either CAPI Soda Water or Soda+ Blood Orange and Sage.

You will receive:
1x bottle of Campari (700ml)
2x CAPI 4-packs. Choose from either Soda Water, Soda+ Blood Orange & Sage, or a pack of each.

Brought to you by MIFF, CAPI and Campari.

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