1970s Negroni from the Antique Collection

The Everleigh Bottling Co.

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Journey back in time with The 1970s Negroni, a 40-year-old cocktail which is part of the Everleigh Bottling Co.'s Antique Collection, using antique spirits which were made and bottled between 1950 and 1980.

 The Negroni first made a stir in Italy back in 1919 and is now internationally recognised as the ultimate pre-dinner cocktail. This 1970s edition of Campari follows the original recipe featuring carmine dye that has since been replaced in favour of artificial colouring. Thanks to the increased ABV of 46% in this vintage Plymouth gin, our antique aperitif is bold both in colour and flavour.

This is the ultimate gift for the Negroni lover.

The Antique cocktails are boxed in elegant individual black gift boxes with gold foiling.

About 1970s Campari

The intense bitterness of the Campari has mellowed after decades in the bottle, giving way to a remarkable depth and richness, showcasing a completely different side of the famous bitter liqueur. 

About 1970s Plymouth

The same no-nonsense earthiness which we love in modern Plymouth, with added heft from an increased ABV and more prominent juniper and citrus character to stand up against the vermouth and Campari.

One perfect serve: 1970s Plymouth gin, 1970s Campari, Cocchi sweet vermouth & filtered water.

Standard drinks 1.6 | 23% ALC | VOL. 85ml

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